Chelated Micronutrient Mixture

Calcium EDTA Chelate / Calcium EDTA / Chelated Calcium Chelated Cobalt (EDTA Co – 13%) Copper DTPA Chelated Copper (EDTA Cu-14%) Dipotassium Salt Of EDTA – 10%
DTPA Zinc Chelate / Zinc DTPA / Chelated Zinc DTPA FE EDDHA 6% Chelated Iron (EDTA Fe-12%) Ferric Sodium EDTA Chelate / Ferric Sodium EDTA / Chelated Fe Potassium Humate
Humic Acid Chelated Magnesium Manganese DTPA Chelated Manganese (EDTA Mn-12%) Zinc Ammonium
EDTA Zinc Ammonium Chelated Zinc EDTA (Zinc EDTA 15%) FE DTPA 11% Chelated Micronutrient Combi Mixture EDTA Zn / Chelated Zinc
Copper Diammonium EDTA Ferric Ammonium EDTA Micronutrient Fertilizer EDTA Nickel EDTA Selenium
Specifications :
Product Name Chelated Micronutrient Mixture
Synonym Combi Chelates / Multi Micronutrient / Combimixture / Chelated Mixture / Chelated Micronutrient
Color & Physical Form Green Micro Powder / Granules
PH 4 – 9
Contents Molybdenum (as Mo)
Copper (as Cu)
Iron (as Fe)
Manganese (as Mn)
Zinc (as Zn)
Boron (as B)

Customized Product Manufacturing :
We have developed expertise in manufacturing Chelated Micronutrient mixtures confirming to standards / norms set by agriculture Departments of the following states:

  • Maharashtra Grade
  • Gujarat Grade
  • Rajasthan Grade
  • Haryana Grade
  • Madhya Pradesh Grade
  • Uttar Pradesh Grade
  • Bihar Grade

Our expertise is in producing different combinations of chelated Micronutrient for foliar and soil applications. The Micronutrient mixtures are tailormade as per customer’s specifications whereby the content of different Micronutrient is adjusted as client’s requirement.

We offer good quality chelated micronutrient mixture that match with globally known and well accepted products like Librel, Versene, Dissolvene, Trilon etc.

Application :
Chelated Micronutrient Mixture / Combi mixtures / Micro-elements are solid micro-granulated formulation recommended for preventing or correcting plant deficiencies caused by a lack of iron, manganese, zinc, copper, boron and molybdenum in agriculture, horticulture, floriculture.

Packing :
25 kg PP bag with LDPE liner inside / 500 kg and 1000 kg Jumbo bag.

Other Information

Catogory : Non Hazardous
Reach Registration : No
MSDS : Available on request
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