Contract Manufacturing

Our diverse experience in carrying out multi-staged reactions under controlled parameters, synthesis, blending, crystallization, filtering and other related processes tightly coupled with our unique and integrated manufacturing capabilities facilitates a solid platform for made-to-order products.

In many a case, what started out as experimental adjustments in sophisticated production techniques got subsequently incorporated into our manufacturing processes. This is one of our mantra of “Continuous Improvement”.

We are open to engaging with companies who need immediate and unique business solutions; process scale-up; or an extension of their manufacturing line. Be it producing fine chemicals, intermediates or finished products.

Our company has Developed company expertise to provide various chemicals reactions as follows:


Acetylation Addition Alkylation
Amidation Aminolysis Bromination
Catalytic Chiral chemistry Condensation
Coupling Cyclisation Diazotation
Elimination Esterification Etherification
Ethoxilation Fridel-craft Grignard reaction
Halogenation Heterocyclic synthesis Hydrogenation
Hydrolysis Melting reaction Nitration
Oxidation Quarternisation Reduction
Saponification Substitution Sulphonation

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